Being Connected has
its Advantages

eConnectDirect empowers institutional clients by providing on-demand access to actively compare, select and manage offerings within the bond and CD markets.

Market transparency, timely execution, live customer support, enhanced ROI, portfolio solutions are the core principles eConnectDirect delivers to support one simple goal:  Provide our clients an easy, safe and effective solution for accessing information, purchasing bonds and CDs and managing their decisions.

By aggregating the offerings of several hundred dealers, eConnectDirect provides a comprehensive list of executable, priced offerings to easily find opportunity, compare pricing/yields and deliver on a user-specific investment strategy.

Servicing some of the largest financial institutions and counties down to the smallest cities and credit unions, eConnectDirect was developed with everyone in mind.

The eConnectDirect solution allows you to compare, select and manage offerings within:

  • U.S. Government Agencies (FNMA, FHLB, Freddie Mac and More)
  • DTC-eligible CDs
  • eConnectDirect CDs
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Treasury Notes/Bonds

Independently or with the collaboration of a licensed account representative, eConnectDirect is customizable to your needs, objectives and investment policies. Through advanced search filters and a proprietary CD insurance scrub, you can easily, effectively and quickly identify opportunities that are applicable to you and your institution.


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Knowledge is power, and eConnectDirect gives me the power to make my investment decisions fast, efficiently and in time with the market.
—Dawn Cragon,
County of Ashtabula, OH