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eConnectDirect is bringing markets together to expand your pool of eligible depositors and enhance your accessibility to balance sheet liquidity

Funding and Liquidity Solutions

Availability to Liquidity
Although each deposit solution is funded by unique investor behavior, eConnectDirect provides issuers the markets and the opportunity to define their pool of investors to achieve their deposit objectives. eConnectDirect provides the resources, while you define the markets and investor base from a rapidly growing and UNIQUE set of investors, including:

  • FDIC-Insured Institutions
  • NCUA-Insured Institutionswhile
  • Municipalities (Non-Secured)
  • Counties (Non-Secured)
  • Trust Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • MORE

Diversification is a priority by those participating in the wholesale deposit markets. By providing multiple liquidity channels and deposit types, eConnectDirect users are naturally hedged against the cyclicality of liquidity, limitation of terms and over-concentration of any one institution type provided by other listing services.

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The eConnectDirect platform is an exceptional tool for making funding and investment decisions. ... It has made Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. my preferred source of wholesale funding by the mile.
—Shane Gibson, CMA,
Corporate Controller,
Signature Bank, N.A.