Webinar Details

eConnectDirect Presents: Your Brokered CD Marketplace (DTC – Funding)

Wednesday, February 27 — 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Please join us for a targeted discussion about your complimentary access to the brokered CD market (DTC) via eConnectDirect. Whether you are a seasoned issuer or new to the market, we will illustrate how YOU can benefit from its transparency, ease of use and access to unique and diversified liquidity and funding.

Our presentation will highlight your free access to a variety of tools and resources, including:

  • Comprehensive and unbiased market composites.
  • Visibility to all published rates and issuer details.
  • Rate trends and coupon concentrations.
  • Published pre-orders and takedowns.
  • Online orders and e-signatures.
  • Sources of liquidity and funding.
  • Benefits of brokered CDs (DTC).
  • Position management tools.
  • Maturity and callable CD notifications.
  • And MORE!

This proprietary platform was developed to save you time, deliver reliable and accurate market information and provide you with the necessary tools and liquidity outlets to get the best cost of funds for your bank.

If you are in charge of managing your funding alternatives and issuing brokered CDs, this is 30 minutes you will not want to miss.