Webinar Details

eConnectDirect Presents: Your Online CD Marketplace (DTC)

Tuesday, January 29 — 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Please join us for this targeted discussion about investing in DTC-eligible CDs. Whether you are a seasoned CD buyer looking for additional opportunities or are new to the CD market, we will illustrate how you can quickly and easily benefit from eConnectDirect’s CD Marketplace.

Our presentation will highlight:
  • Your access to online inventory, rates and issuers.
  • How to easily lock in and purchase CD offerings.
  • Tracking FDIC/NCUA insurance coverage.
  • Tools to effectively manage your settlements, confirms and maturities.
  • Benefits and attributes of DTC-eligible CDs.
More than 1,400 individually insured banks had offerings published on eConnectDirect last year alone! We look forward to showing how you can benefit from insured CDs, and how eConnectDirect can work for YOU.