Past Conferences

Webinar For California Public Funds Investors - August 23, 2017

Join us for a free, 30-minute webinar to show you how eConnectDirect can help you save time, increase transparency and maximize yield while staying in compliance with state and local statutes.


Webinar For Georgia Public Funds Investors - September 25, 2017

TheĀ Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) andĀ Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. present a free webinar to showcase the features of eConnectDirect, a proprietary online investment platform designed to give you more confidence and more control over your investment decisions.


Brokered CD (Funding) Webinar For Banks - September 27, 2017

Join us to learn how the combination of DTC funding, eConnectDirect and Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. can deliver expanded liquidity, greater market transparency, cost-effective deposits (without cannibalization), restricted early withdrawals and greater control and technology to distribute your CDs.