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eConnectDirect provides the technology to deliver real-world results and immediate applications to issuing financial institutions.

Learn how these and other customizable tools can help your financial institution save time, expand liquidity, reduce interest expenses and manage outstanding liabilities.


  • Account Profiles

    Every user is unique and eConnectDirect allows each client to customize and define their own work environment through:

    • Notifications and Permissions: Define individual roles and responsibilities to get the right information to the proper people in a timely manner. Let technology be the middleman to save time, increase efficiency and provide better communication.
    • Eligible Investors: You define the pool of eligible investors to which you will offer your rate. eConnectDirect lets you diversify liquidity sources beyond the concentration of other financial institutions.
    • Offering Disclosures: Comprehensive CD settings allow for better communication to investors and reduce the need for inbound calls. Easily define your payment frequencies, distribution preference (ACH or check), early withdrawal penalties, settlement dates and more.


  • Market Transparency

    Quickly compare all competing CDs in the eConnectDirect marketplace, including all issued DTC offerings, to provide immediate, unbiased market information to effectively price your offerings. Easily identify trends, competition and opportunities to deliver best price execution.

    Issuers can effectively use this up-to-date information to position their offering in the wholesale market. Never wonder if you are the highest coupon, lowest coupon or somewhere in the middle.

  • Call, Step and Maturity Notifications

    eConnectDirect provides a reliable resource to manage, track and notify issuers of upcoming maturities and prescribed step and call dates. You will be notified prior to these critical dates and provided the necessary information to either pre-pay your liability or return funds (or rollover) upon maturity.

  • Order Management

    Save time and control your deposit inflow by a unique order management system. eConnectDirect is more than a rate and a term, it is about funding your investment objectives and communicating their progress. This sophisticated process delivers a simple solution to enhance your deposit base, and have funds wired in a more timely fashion.

    Simply offer a rate, term and an amount of money you are looking to raise, and let eConnectDirect do the rest.

  • Sliding Rates and Terms

    This fast, easy and effective solution allows issuing institutions the opportunity to leverage buyside behavior to enhance your access to liquidity. Sliding terms allow issuers to offer a single rate across a variety of terms to attract the liquidity of investors seeking specific maturity tranches.

  • Online Orders (eConnectDirect CDs)

    All eConnectDirect CD transaction requests are submitted online to save time and create efficiencies. All trades are accompanied by W9, ACH and wire instructions and the depositor’s corporate resolution.

    eConnectDirect users can electronically offer a rate, select an investment, request a quote for a specific CUSIP, manage outstanding positions, process wire outs and/or rollovers and more.

  • Online Orders (DTC)

    eConnectDirect provides the tools and resources to empower issuers to post their offerings directly into the DTC market or secure available takedown/pre-order offerings. All term agreements are signed online (no more emailing, printing, signing, scanning or faxing) and you are provided the tools to issue your own rate, term and selling concessions based on your specific needs and unmatched market intelligence.

  • Pre-Orders

    Capture up-to-date deposits and guaranteed funding while viewing user-specific takedown offerings. eConnectDirect aggregates and publishes confirmed orders and indications of interest received from thousands of accounts, syndicate members or MBS’s trading desk, with all published offerings unique to each user. Using advanced technology to match buyer requirements to an issuing institution’s profile, all viewed pre-orders apply to the issuing financial institution. Never again pay more than that which is otherwise guaranteed.

  • Professional Support

    eConnectDirect and Multi-Bank Securities, Inc.'s experienced underwriting team is always a phone call or email away to provide guidance and answer questions. We aim to propose effective strategies that capture the needed deposits at the lowest cost-of-funds by leveraging our experience, market information and multiple liquidity channels.

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eConnectDirect is my go-to resource when purchasing CDs. … We are able to make safe and sound investment decisions based on the valuable information eConnectDirect provides.
—Marney Kresel,
University Federal Credit Union