Bond and CD Market

Looking to diversify your portfolio through fixed-income investments or bonds?

eConnectDirect’s tools help you expertly manage your fixed-income portfolio with updates and notifications, allowing you to make more informed investment decisions.

eConnectDirect allows you to compare, select and manage offerings within:

  • FDIC-Insured CDs
  • eConnectDirect CDs
  • DTC-Eligible CDs
  • NCUA-Insured CDs
  • Primary and Secondary U.S. Government Agency Bonds, Including:
    • FNMA (Fannie Mae – Federal National Mortgage Association)
    • FHLMC (Freddie Mac – Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)
    • FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank)
    • FFCB (Federal Farm Credit Banks)
    • FAMC (Farmer Mac – Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation)
    • TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)
  • Corporate Bonds
  • U.S. Treasuries
  • Municipal Bonds (BQ, Taxable and More)
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Knowledge is power, and eConnectDirect gives me the power to make my investment decisions fast, efficiently and in time with the market.
—Dawn Cragon,
County of Ashtabula, OH